Fans’ Embassies Mission Statement

The Fans’ Embassy division is a strand of Football Supporters Europe (FSE), an inclusive, independent and democratic organisation founded and based in Hamburg (Germany). 

The Fans’ Embassy division works to provide a support and integrated dialogue mechanism for those travelling to International tournaments, ultimately providing a greater experience for fans by fans.

Fans’ Embassy services can make a significant contribution to the experience of football supporters, generating positive feelings of goodwill between supporter groups and as a result make them feel a more integral and valued part of a tournament or individual International match. 

We seek to further develop the concept and methodology of Fans’ Embassies, promoting the idea and expanding the network of Fans’ Embassies across Europe, whilst circulating the core values of Football Supporters Europe. 

We seek to develop the standards and the number of Fans’ Embassies in operation through the sharing of best practice and continued support for all participants through our Fans’ Embassy Coordinators. 

We aim to develop the understanding of the direct benefits Fans’ Embassies have to all stakeholders in International football, most evident at international tournaments. We seek to have supporter representation in all planning and preparation phases of an international tournament, working with key stakeholders to consider fans needs. 

Finally, Fans’ Embassies are not a tool for policing nor are they a mechanism for self-gain. A commitment to diversity and inclusion is at the heart of all our work and we oppose discrimination and violence.

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