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At UEFA EURO 2020 thousands of supporters from all over Europe will descend on 12 host cities from all corners of the continent for the first time. The project UEFA Respect Fan Culture – Fans’ Embassies at UEFA EURO 2020 aims to engage Fans’ Embassies from all participating countries to provide a support mechanism for all travelling fans. 

The RESPECT Fan Culture project focuses on establishing Fans’ Embassies by fans for fans: meeting, exchange, and service points in an open structure in which specific information and/or support were provided to football fans and tournament visitors. In every Host City, Football Supporters Europe will meet key stakeholders and representatives from local organising committees to establish the best mechanism to use in each specific city. 

Previous tournaments have proven that when supporters were included in security meetings or simply consulted, no major incident occurred. Conversely, when supporters tried to speak with authorities but were not heard or welcomed at all, tensions or problems occurred. As a result, it is key for the organising committee in each city to work with and talk to representatives of Fans’ Embassies. 

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