Elena Erkina, Ingo Petz, Matt Willis

The Team of the FSE Fans´ Embassies Division

Elena Erkina is CEO of Russian based NGO “Fans’ Embassy Russia” whose work is aimed at developing social initiatives among football fans in Russia, supporting various projects, particularly in international cooperation at major football tournaments such as UEFA EURO and FIFA World Cup. Elena studied social and sport sciences in Russia and Europe Currently, she is actively involved in cross-border cooperation projects between Russia and EU countries that are targeted at developing extensive sport and social relations through people- to-people cooperation.

Before Ingo Petz came to Football Supporters Europe he worked as a journalist for almost 20 years. Moreover he developed his own fan culture project. Fankurve Ost aims at illustrating democratic mechanisms through football fan culture for fans, football staff and journalists from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Ingo was part of the German Fans´ Embassy during the World Cup in Russia. He is a supporter of 1. FC Union Berlin. 

Matt Willis joined Football Supporters Europe at the start of 2020. Matt, has 4 years’ experience with the English Fans’ Embassy team, the Free Lions, including UEFA EURO 2016 and the FIFA World Cup in 2018. Matt is a graduate of Durham University in which his dissertation was a review of expressions of national identity at EURO 2016. Matt, for his sins, is a supporter of Newcastle United.

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