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The central Coordinating Office of FSE is based in Hamburg/Germany where FSE is formally established as non-profit member association under German law.


There currently are six members of staff working for the FSE Coordinating Office:

Ronan Evain, FSE Coordinator / CEO of Football Supporters Europe (click here to send Ronan an email)

Main responsibilities: overall management of communication and all activities of FSE, coordination of working groups and representation of FSE at European policy level in close consultation with the FSE Committee overall responsibility for the organisation of FSE key events such as the European Fans’ Congresses; fundraising & overall management of the FSE budget and membership

Nicole Winkelhake, FSE Office Manager (click here to send Nicole an email)

Main responsibilities: coordination of enquiries, membership administration, fundraising, accounting and overall office management in consultation with all relevant decision-making entities of FSE

Philipp Markhardt, FSE Communications Manager (click here to send Philipp an email)

Main responsibilities: coordination of communication and public relations as well as press relations in consultation with all relevant decision-making entities of FSE, coordination & development of website and newsletter activities and FSE publications

Martin Endemann, FSE Project Manager (click here to send Martin an email)

Main responsibilities: management of temporary or permanent FSE projects in consultation with all relevant decision-making entities of FSE. Main areas of expertise: anti-discrimination, grassroots football, general event & campaigning management in the non-profit sector.

Marco Kühnert, FSE Accounting Officer (click here to send Marco an email)

Main responsibilities: Budget administration & accounting in consultation with the FSE Office Manager and the FSE Coordinator / CEO

Click here to find the general contact details of the FSE Coordinating Office

Football Supporters Europe eV
Postfach 30 62 18
20328 Hamburg


Tel.: +49 40 370 877 51
Fax: +49 40 370 877 50


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