Who can become a member?

Every individual (natural and legal person, 14 years of age), formally and informally organised football fans groups, as well as local and national fan-related initiatives and organisations. The admission of under 18 year olds is subject to consent from their legal guardians.

How can I become a member of FSE?

Simply fill out the membership form online. The admission of under 18 year olds is subject to consent from their legal guardians

What are the benefits / my responsibilities as a member?

You will get access to the FSE membership area on our website.

You have the right to participate (e.g. vote) at the BGM, actively decide on the direction of FSE and from the age of 18 you can also stand for elections.

You can participate in events organised by FSE and make free use of its services, unless stated otherwise.

For the duties of the AGM see 2. Structure.

When does the membership start?

The membership starts after the confirmation by the FSE Coordination. Membership can end for the end of the financial year with the advance submission of a written request to the FSE Coordination.

Does it cost anything to become a member?

There is no obligation to pay a membership fee for FSE at the moment, but voluntary contributions/donations are most welcome. Whether it is one Euro or 100 Euros, every little helps and can support our financial independence.

Any Other conditions?

YES! By becoming a member of FSE you officially declare that you recognise the statutes of the network and proactively support the following core principles:

  • do not tolerate discrimination of any individuals on any groups including the following : ethnic origin, ability, religion, gender, sexual orientation and age
  • reject violence, both verbal and physical
  • stand up for the empowerment of grassroots football supporters
  • promote a positive football supporters’ culture, including values such as fair play and good governance


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